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Building Big Savings With Post-Frame Construction

Many different construction methods are available, but few offer the speed and flexibility that comes standard with a post-frame building. A fast and efficient way to build many different structures, from homes to convenience stores, post-frame construction can revolutionize the way you do business. Constructed with the efficient use of materials, time and labor, post-frame construction is designed to offer the significant savings.

Less Is So Much More

Your dollar goes further with the help of the post-frame building system. This system allows you to space out your posts and trusses up to 8 feet apart. With the support of an engineered interlocking frame, you’ll need fewer materials to complete the project — which equals instant savings.

Building With Speed

If time is money, you will love post-frame construction. Post-frame buildings can be built much faster than conventional ones. Because post-frame building methods are simple to execute, frames can go up in days rather than weeks and projects can be completed in weeks instead of months. Also important to build speed is weather, and post-frame construction is not as affected by cold temperatures. While other methods are slowed in the winter, post-frame allows us to work quickly practically all year long.

Controlling The Clock

Post-frame construction requires fewer materials, labor hours and trades to complete the job than many other forms of construction. It is the perfect way to save time and money for your next big project.

So Many Options. So Many Ways To Save

Post-frame construction can be used with many different designs, and we at Sturdi-Built use it every single day for many applications. If you are looking for a way to cut costs and keep the integrity of the design intact, there is no better option than post-frame. By saving money on your materials, build speed and labor, you are well on your way to making your dream project a reality!

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