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Toll Free (800) 345-3770
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Residential Metal Roofing

Sturdi-Built is pleased to offer residential metal roofing systems! As a homeowner, you need to be well-informed with the facts necessary to ensure you choose a roof that is best for your home and family. Each day, more and more homes and properties are making the necessary upgrade from the outdated and ineffective asphalt roof option.

Top 5 reasons why a residential metal roof from Sturdi-Built is the best option:

  1. Value.
    Metal roofs both improve the value of your property and distance you from the difficulties asphalt roofs give over time.
  2. Efficiency.
    Save money with energy-saving aluminum designed to cover already existing roofing material, so you can get a heat-reflecting surface without creating environmental waste.
  3. Longevity.
    Feel confident knowing your roof will last for hundreds of years instead of 10-20 years like most asphalt shingle roofs.Treated full length 4” x 6” runners.
  4. Quality.
    Make your home one people slow down to look at with a roof that lasts and looks good for a lifetime.
  5. Ease of Installation.
    In most cases, Sturdi-Built is able to install a new metal roof on your existing home without removal of the existing roof! This saves time, money, and there is no messy clean-up!