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Toll Free (800) 345-3770
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About Sturdi-Built

The name "Sturdi-Built" represents nearly six decades of quality construction in the post frame building industry. The name Sturdi-Built appears on approximately 20,000 buildings erected since 1961.
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We Measure Up!

At Sturdi-Built we have resisted the temptation to leave out some of the lumber and nails or go to wider spacing of framing members in order to keep prices down in the face of rising material cost.

We believe, as do our customer, that strength, durability and long building life are more important than leaving out materials to make a building cost less. That is why in a standard Sturdi-Built building you will find solid 6" x 6" treated posts, 8' oc, 24" spacing on 2" x 4" purlins and girts, flanged gutters, etc.